Lets Loop Southampton were pleased to present a certificate to Southampton Football Club after they installed multiple hearing loops across St Mary’s Stadium. As part of our audit of stores in central Southampton , Lets Loop Southampton contacted Southampton Football Club in March 2017 after auditing the Saints Store in West Quay and finding that it wasn’t installed with a hearing loop.

After contacting Southampton Football Club, we were invited to visit St Mary’s Stadium to discuss what measures we felt would be appropriate. We explained that although the tickets office had a hearing loop it wasn’t of a good quality and furthermore, there were no other loops at the site.

In addition to agreeing to install a hearing loop at their store in West Quay, Southampton Football Club also agreed to fit multiple hearing loops throughout St Mary’s Stadium. We are incredibly pleased to say that this has now happened with over 20 hearing loops installed.

“Let’s Loop highlighted a need for us to improve the loops that we had and to expand our coverage to different areas. Their help and advice was invaluable, and we are delighted that we are even more accessible for our visitors with a hearing loss condition. Thank you to Steve and the team!”

– Khali Parsons, Supporter Relations Manager, Southampton Football Club

“This is a fantastic outcome for every football fan with a hearing condition that wishes to visit St Mary’s Stadium. It can be very intimidating for those with a hearing condition to visit venues or busy shopping facilities without hearing loop facilities. We applaud Southampton Football Club for ensuring that their grounds are accessible for all.”

– Steve Beal, Lets Loop Southampton

About Lets Loop Southampton

It is estimated that approximately 33,500 residents of Southampton (13.7%) are currently affected with a hearing loss condition. This number is expected to rise to approximately 36,000 (14.3%) by 2019. These figures show that it is essential that we act now to ensure that our communities are designed to be accessible for all.

In response to this issue, the Lets Loop Southampton project was founded in February 2017 in partnership with Healthwatch Southampton and the Lets Communicate Hard of Hearing Club with the vision of making Southampton the first fully looped City in the country.

Find out more at www.letsloopsouthampton.co.uk

What is a Hearing Loop?

A hearing loop (sometimes called an audio induction loop) is a specialised sound system designed to be used by people using hearing aids.

It wirelessly transmits a clear, magnetic signal across a small distance that can be picked up individuals close by wearing hearing aids that have been set to the ‘T’ (telecoil) setting.

Each hearing loops contain a microphone and a amplifer and a loop cable which picks up and amplifies any noise and radiates it through the loop cable to any hearing aid within the vincinity of the cable.

The presence of a hearing loop is generally advertised with a series of signs, often blue, across the store. There are various types of hearing loops, each suitable for different types of venues and needs.