In March 2017, Lets Loop audited the John Lewis branch in Southampton. Although John Lewis has been fully looped for a number of years, we noted there were some issues with 3 of the loops and a lack of signage.

We were put in contact with their Operations Manager Adrian Young who worked with us to ensure the hearing loops were properly maintained and signage was installed across the store including at till points.

Adrian Young said:

“We have had a loop system in branch for a number of years, which should always be regularly checked by our maintenance team. However When Lets Loop came in to check they found a few areas where this was not the case. It was hugely useful for us to get feedback so we could put it right as there is little point having the equipment if it is not working correctly. We were able to swiftly address the problems and get ourselves fully operational thanks to Lets Loops support. We hope customers who need this system find it useful and helpful and look forward to being able to welcome them to our shop.”